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 Next Race! And the next…and the next!

2018 Races

 YETI series!

4 races over 4 months = 31 miles of WINTER! Do you have what it takes!

December 2, 2017  – 5k – Completed!

January 6 – 10k – Completed!

February 3 – 15k – Completed!

March 3 – 20k  – Completed!

March 24 – Skunk Ape Ultra – Completed!

April 28 – Dual at Dawn/Meadowsmonster –   Completed! 

July 7th – Reagan Run –

July 28 –  5k for the Knock-Out

August 4 –  Chupacabra Go to meadowsmonster.com to register and for more details

October 14 – Hairy Buzz

October 20 – Haunted 5K – Click the link below for the registration form.

2018 Haunted 5k Race


Register online for Haunted 5K

  • Entry Fee: Individual $25 on or before 1 October includes T- shirt. **Late Registration: After October 1 , NO SHIRT. Day of race: you can register up to one-half hour before the race at the race site, Day of race late Fee: $30, NO SHIRT**
    For good and valuable consideration, the undersigned releases the Dixon Park District; all of its cooperating agencies; and the elected commissioners, administrative officers, and instructors and agents of said parties, from any and all claims of whatever nature for any injury, loss, damage, accident or expense arising from or out of the participation in the Dixon Park District Recreation Program, and further agrees to further indemnify and hold harmless all of said parties above enumerated against claims and for all costs and reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of or in any way connected with the participation in the recreation program. The undersigned hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all of said parties above in regards to person or persons the undersigned includes or invites to participate with them in any activity. In case of inclement weather, the race will be cancelled. Thank you for your donation.
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