Play Hard and Breath Easy; Support Tobacco-Free Parks

Ordinance #558

Tobacco Use Prohibited in Outdoor Recreational Facilities

Whereas, the Dixon Park District believes that tobacco use in the proximity of children and adults engaging in or watching outdoor recreational activities on the grounds of Dixon Park District is detrimental to their health and can be offensive to those using such facilities; and Whereas, the Dixon Park District has a unique opportunity to create and sustain an environment that supports a non-tobacco norm through a tobacco-free policy, rule enforcement, and adult-peer role modeling on Dixon Park District grounds; and Whereas, the Dixon Park District believes parents, leaders, and officials involved in recreation are role models for youth and can have a positive effect on the lifestyle choices they make; and Whereas, cigarettes, once consumed in public spaces, are often discarded on the ground, requiring additional maintenance expenses, diminishing the beauty of Dixon Park District’s grounds and recreational facilities, and posing a risk to toddlers and wildlife due to ingestion; and Whereas, the Dixon Park District Board determines that the prohibition of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, marijuana, and electronic cigarettes) use at Dixon Park District recreational facilities
and grounds serves to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Dixon.

Section 1: Tobacco Use Prohibited in Outdoor Recreational Facilities No person shall use any form of tobacco at or on any Dixon Park District owned or operated outdoor recreational facilities, including spectator and concession areas and the restrooms. These facilities include playgrounds, athletic fields, riverbanks, parks, and trails.

Section 2: Enforcement
a. Appropriate signs shall be posted in the above specified areas.
b. The community, especially facility users and staff, will be notified about this policy.
c. Staff will make periodic observations of recreational facilities to monitor for compliance.
d. Any person found violating this policy may be subject to immediate ejection from the
recreational facility for the remainder of the event.

Section 3: Effective Date This policy statement is effective immediately upon the date of adoption.