October 2017 Board Packet

Dixon Park District Board Meeting – October 18th, 2017

I. Call To Order

A. Roll Call

II. Changes To The Agenda

III. Visitors

IV. Board Minutes – Review/Amend/Approve

A. Regular Minutes of September 20th, 2017
B. Executive Minutes of September 20th, 2017

V. Financial Reports – Review/Amend/Accept

A. Receipts, Disbursements, Financial Report and Balance Sheet of September 20th, 2017

VI. Reports

A. Commissioners: Ron Pritchard, Steve Pritchard, Keith Aurand, Rodney Frey and Shane Miller
B. Executive Director: Deb Carey

VII. Old Business

A. Draft Enterprise Zone Tax Abatement Resolution – Review -Table
B. Draft Tax Levy Ordinance #577 – Review/Amend
C. Illinois Army National Guard Land Transfer – Page Park – Review
D. Class I Electric Bicycle Use on Park Property – Review
E. Sale of Park Property (Plum Creek, Grace Johnston, Chula Vista, Bluff)

VIII. New Business

A. Release of Executive Session Minutes For Public Access – No.
B. Review of Documents For Legal Destruction – Review/Amend/Approve
C. Dober Lease of Park Property – Review/Amend/Approve

IX. Executive Session

A. Roll Call – To consider information regarding appointment or dismissal of an employee or officer, to consider information regarding the purchase, sale, exchange, or lease of real estate, and/or to discuss possible litagation.
B. Review of Collabrative Agreemnet/Lease with Dixon YMCA
C. Review of Dober Lease Agreement
D. Personnel
E. Sale of Park Property (Plum Creek, Grace Johnston, Chula Vista, Bluff)

X. Adjourn

The Dixon Park District, in compliance with the American With Disabilities Act, requests that persons with disabilities who require certain accommodations to allow them to observe and /or participate in this meeting or have questions about the accessibility of this meeting or facilities, contact the ADA coordinator at 815-284-3306 to allow the Dixon Park District to make reasonable accommodations for these persons.