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Stengel Trail

Lowell Park Road to Polo, Illinois (not contiguous)
11-mile unpaved multi-use trail, Gee’s Grove Prairie, Penrose Prairie

The Stengel Trail is named for the late Joe Stengel, a snowmobile and trail enthusiast. The Park District acquired the trail using a grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The trail begins at Lowell Park (access through the bike path spur off the Pinetum in Lowell Park), turn right or west when you come to the Lowell Trail (the old IL Central Railroad)  and runs to Polo, about 10 miles north. The trail is NOT contiguous; the trail stops at Penrose Road and then begins again at the north edge of the village of Woosung. The trail then travels to Polo. There is a grass parking lot at Woosung on Anterior Road, and a grass parking lot on the south edge of Polo on Judson Road. Maps are available at the park office.

The trails serves hikers, walkers, bicyclists, horseback riders, snowmobilers and cross country skiers; no motorized vehicle are allowed. We are creating a Stengel Trail group; if you are interested in helping, call the Park Office at 284-3306. Plans include signage, closing the current gap in the trail, and extending the trail on to Wisconsin. Join us!