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Park 4 Paws

We need dedicated volunteers for the Park 4 Paws! This park was begun by a volunteer group and needs to have people involved with planning and managing the dog park. If you are willing to consider helping, please call the park office at 284-3306. A meeting was held on Tuesday March 6th at the park office and about 12 volunteers attended. BUT YOU can still become involved. The next meeting is at 6 pm on April 3rd at the park office. Call us for more info.

The park will be enhanced with a new electronic gate/card reader, and improvements will be made to the fencing and roadway. A fee of $35 covers up to three dogs if you live within the Dixon Park District boundary. Out of district fee is $50. Until all improvements are completed, you may use your 2017 registration lanyard. If you have never registered, please visit the park office to complete the form. The form will eventually be placed on the webpage.

Dog Park Registration Form 2018

Dog Park Brochure 2018